Too Easy To Create A Website Using Strikingly

If you think that creating a website is difficult, you are wrong. In fact, you don’t need any coding or design skills to create a website. You just need to know how to click or tap.

Although is considered easy for website creation, Strikingly is making websites creation easier than ever. It is being featured in the New York Times, Forbes, USA Today and more. With simple tools like Strikingly, even a small kid can create a stunning website unsurprisingly.

I find that many small businesses only have Instagram and Facebook page but not an official website. It’s time for all entrepreneurs to create their own website. Owning a website is a must- have in your marketing plan in this digital age. You are missing out a large market for not creating an online presence through website. You can turn your Facebook or Linkedin Page into a website in seconds if you use Strikingly.

I have tried out their free plan and it is indeed very simple to create a website or blog. You won’t need to worry about hosting. All Strikingly sites include their fully-managed, high performance cloud hosting. I am not using their paid plan now as my website is currently created using and hosted on Dreamhost.

Strikingly’s award-winning responsive designs look great on any device, automatically. They have a variety of gorgeous site templates to fit your every style and need. You can launch beautiful, mobile-friendly websites in the shortest time ever.

I highly encourage you to use Strikingly if you are creating website for the first time. You need to subscribe for at least a Limited plan in order to connect a custom domain name for your website. A free plan only allows you to use sub- domain of Strikingly. You get a free domain name worth if you pay for a yearly plan. You may start a free trial for 14 days to try out the features. A limited plan is enough for you if you are only publishing one to two websites. You can upgrade to Pro plan in future should you need more features.

It costs $96 per year (equates to $8 per month) if you pay for a yearly Limited plan (you saved $48 as you will be billed $12 per month if you pay monthly). You can find out more about their three plans by visiting here.

If you’re on a paid plan, you can cancel the service anytime to revert to the free plan, and the charge will stop by the end of this billing cycle (next month on a monthly agreement and next year on a yearly one). Yes, it is so flexible.

Strikingly Freelancer Program

The Strikingly Freelancer Program allows you to design and build beautiful sites for your clients for a fee by signing your client up for a Strikingly monthly/yearly plan, or setting up pricing to account for an on-going plan.

If you use the Strikingly Pro plan and remove the Strikingly branding on the websites, your clients will not see any Strikingly branding on their websites.

You may edit and publish unlimited websites on Strikingly for free. You may want to upgrade to our paid plans to benefit from their features, but there is no additional cost as an agency to use Strikingly.

You can visit the Discover page to browse through websites that are created stunningly using Strikingly. Whether you are a first time entrepreneurs or Nobel Laureates, Strikingly can empower you to pursue your dreams. Everyone can be a creator of website. In the age where almost everyone owns an email, Strikingly will help the transition into everyone owns a website age. Own a website today!

Strikingly - How to build a website in minutes