Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Webhost For Your Website

There are many web hosting companies on the market. The following are some of the factors that you should consider before picking a web hosting company for your website. This helps to avoid the hassle of having to move your website from one web hosting company to another.

Are they in business for many years? You want a reliable webhost for the home of your website. It will be a nightmare if you find the website that you took time to build disappears from Internet.

Billing methods. Do they provide Paypal as a payment method? Paypal is a safer way of making online payments as you do not have to reveal your credit card number to the merchant.

Billing option. Do you want to be billed monthly or pay for the cost of one year web hosting upfront? Of course, the price will be cheaper if you sign up for a longer duration of plan upfront.

How many kinds of web hosting solution do they provide? Some provide all three basic types of web hosting solution, namely shared web hosting, virtual private server and dedicated server. However, there are quite a few web hosting companies that provide only shared hosting plan. You may want to start from shared hosting while you have limited budget but upgrade VPS in future without switching from one webhost to another. In that case, this is a factor you must consider as you want to avoid the hassle of moving your website from one webhost to another.

The kind of customer support they provide. I personally favor webhost that provide live chatting support as I can get immediate response to my problem instead of waiting for a e-mail reply that might take days.

The reputation of web host. You should read reviews of the web host before signing up. However, reviews on the Internet might not be true as they might be paid reviews or competitor’s misrepresentation. Furthermore, you are more likely to read about complaints than praises as unhappy customers are more likely to voice out their dissatisfaction.

Is free trial available? By testing out the service of web hosting, you can better decide which web hosting company to choose. Dreamhost provides two weeks free trial.

Dreamhost Web Hosting

Period of money back guarantee. There are 30 days, 97 days and even anytime money back guarantee available at some web hosting companies. With such claims, you can buy web hosting without any worries as you basically have nothing to lose.

Free website builder. With drag and drop website builder, a beginner without any html knowledge can also build a professional website in a short time frame. Most webhost provide WordPress web software installation in just a few simple clicks. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform.