Effective Job Search

After personally attended more than 30 interviews throughout my career life, I understand how tough it can be to look for a suitable job in a highly competitive job market. While I am personally looking for a job recently, I would like to write a guide for job search to help fellow job seekers. The following provides an overview of what you will encounter during your job search.

Sending out of job application

Some of the factors to consider while searching for a job are job industry, job location and salary range. After searching out suitable jobs, you should then send out your cover letter and resume as soon as possible. There are many websites available on the Internet that provide sample cover letters and resumes. However, make sure that you create a unique cover letter and resume after doing some research.

Cover letter should include contents like how you are a good match for the company, your key achievements, expected pay, contact number, e- mail address, requirement of a work pass and etc. It should be persuasive enough to gain you a valuable chance of an interview. An ideal resume should come in one to two pages.

Some companies will require you to send them your photo. Have your photo professionally taken at a Photo studio. Ask a friend to proof read your resume to make sure that it is free of any grammatical errors. You may also have your CV professionally written by hiring a writer online. If you have a limited budget, Fiverr is an online marketplace that you can use to get your resume and cover letter written at a price of $5. Keep your CV updated all the time. Take note of the information being asked on the job advertisements. Make sure you provided all the required information to increase your chance of being shortlisted for an interview.

Send out job application through e- mail or traditional snail mail. Fill in your profile on job sites to automate your job search. Other than looking at vacancies online, do lookout for vacancies being posted outside brick and mortar stores and traditional newspapers. Seek help from recruiters. Some recruiters require you to pay a fee for their job search service. Find out from your friends if they know which companies are hiring. It will be ideal if they can refer you to a suitable post. Attend career fairs so that you can meet the hiring managers face- to – face.

After sending out your job applications, you will be looking forward to phone calls or e- mails inviting you to interviews. Answer the calls professionally. Have pen and paper with you so that you can conveniently note down important information pertaining to your interview. Few useful questions are his or her name, address, date and time of the interview and the post applied for. You will most likely send out hundreds of applications per job search. It is vital that you take note of the job post that win you a job interview. If you are unable to answer the call, make sure you call them back as soon as possible.

Preparing for an interview

If you are asked to provide photocopies of testimonials, academic certificates, ID, make sure you bring them along with you for the HR personnel. Prepare to print and fill job application form. You can use Adobe Acrobat to fill the form using computer before printing it. If you are sent an e-mail regarding to the interview, be sure to reply to e-mail to confirm your attendance to interview.

Make sure you have suitable clothes for interview in your wardrobe. Dress professionally for the interview. It is better to overdress than to underdress for an interview. Read guidelines available on popular job search sites like Jobstreet, LinkedIn, Jobsdb.

To prevent the loss of words during the interview, you should read the following books to help you better prepare for the interview:

Read books like “Brillliant answers to tough interview questions”, “Speak to win”
You can buy the above books from Bookdepository or Amazon

Apps. You can download useful apps that provide you with frequently asked questions. They comes handy for you to read while you travel to the company.

You should note down questions you are being asked during previous interviews. These can be very useful for your next interview session. Go through the questions, come up with better answers and you will perform better in future interviews. Going to interviews is the best way to prepare for job interview.

Ask your friends or family members to give you a mock interview. If you are unable to have someone to give you a mock interview, you can help yourself by using visualization technique to imagine yourself attending the interview.

Some of the frequently asked questions are:
– Tell Me About Yourself
What you are doing now and how you can match and contribute to the role?

– Strength and Weaknesses
Strength- Organizational skill, flexible, confident.
Weakness- Not confident in public speaking.

–  What is the most difficult situation you have had to deal with at work and how successful were you in dealing with it?

– Any problem in finding the place?

– Tell me what you know about this organization. Read up the company profile provided on the job advertisement or company website.

– What is your expected salary? Do some research so that you can negotiate a good pay.

– Give me the reasons why we should give you this job. Describe how your personality makes you a suitable candidate for the job.

Questions for the Interviewer. Interviewer will require you to ask them some questions. Being actively involved in the interview by asking the right and relevant questions.
Sample question: Is this a new or replacement role?

Plan your journey: Look up the location of interview on map. Consider whether to drive or take public transport, taking into account of time required for traffic jam and going to the washroom. It is ideal to arrive 10 minutes before the interview time to show your keen interest with the job. However, do not attend too early as you might pose an inconvenience to the interviewer who might have a busy work schedule. Set your mobile phone to silent mode during the interview to make sure that the interview is not interrupted by an incoming call or message.

There may be a second interview for the post you are applying for. The reason for a second interview may be due to the importance of the post that it requires a second opinion.

There might be one or three interviewers at the interview. You will inevitably be more nervous in interviews with more than one interviewers. Just be confident and remind yourself that the interviewers might just be as nervous as you do.

After the Interview

Write a thank you note. Most job seekers missed out the importance of writing a thank note to the Interviewer. It will be great if you are able to get the e- mail address of the Interviewer.

All the best in your job search. Please provide comments below so that you can help us find a job. I hope the information above can assist you in your current and future job search.