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A website is not only for businesses. Anyone can create a website, share useful contents and earn money using a website. Domain name, web hosting, web design software such as WordPress are required to create a website. Domain name is the name of your own website. It comes free in some web hosting plan.

Web hosting Web Hosting $3.95

Bluehost provides affordable shared hosting plan for you to host a website. $3.95 per month is a small investment to earn more money. You need a web hosting account to rent a space to store your website files on the Internet.

If you want to create your own website, WordPress web software is user- friendly and easy to use. Almost all webhosts offer WordPress installation in just a few clicks. After you install a WordPress theme and several useful plugins, you can start to post onto your website. Once set up, writing a blog post is as easy as writing an e-mail message.

If you want to hire a website designer, you can go to website like

Do you have a flair for writing?
You can write a story, share a recipe, useful instructions, product reviews or other informational materials. It can be about fashion, travel, investment and more. Even if you don’t write well, you can hire freelance from website such as Fiverr to write at the price of just $5 per article. A picture and a 500- words article can make up a great blog post.

How to earn money using your website?
– Google Adsense
– Sell your website for a profit. If your website has a good level of website traffic, you can sell it for a profit at platform like Flippa.
– Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other company’s products or services. Through affiliate network like Affiliate Window, you can join the affiliate programs of thousands of popular online retailers Swarovski , Ferarri Store, Desigual and more.

It is better to own a website before applying for the affiliate programs. This avoids your affiliate application being rejected. After you are being accepted into the affiliate program, you will post your unique affiliate links or banners onto your website. The sales you refer to the online retailers are tracked using such links.

If you can refer a sale to the online retailers, you can earn certain amount of commission. Earnings per sale may be as high as $200, depending on the type of products you are promoting. You will be paid by check, Paypal or direct debit. Affiliate marketing is a great way of earning money online as you don’t have to maintain your own stocks or make any delivery to customers.

Earn a side income. Even if you are a student or retiree, you can earn money online through the flexibility of affiliate marketing. It is a great source of side income or full- time income.

In fact there is no limit to how much money you can earn through affiliate program. If you have high level of website traffic, you can earn a lot through affiliate programs. The more useful content you have on your website, the higher number of sales you can gain. Create a website today by signing up for affordable web hosting plan at Bluehost.

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Bluehost Shared Hosting Which Is Recommended By WordPress

Bluehost’s cheapest shared hosting plan costs $3.95 $7.99 per month after discount. It allows you to host one website with 50 GB website space and unlimited bandwidth. This is suitable for one who only is new in the web publishing arena and intends to create only one website.

If you intend to host several websites at a time, I would recommend their most popular Plus plan that costs $5.95 $10.99 per month after discount. You can host unlimited number of domain names with unmetered website space and bandwidth. This ensures that your websites have the optimum resources to be live on the Internet. The good thing about this plan is that it includes $200 worth of marketing offers for you to advertise your website on Google, Bing, and other leading sites.

Their prime plan is now $5.95 $14.99 per month also but it comes with free domain privacy for your free domain name and Site Backup Pro. I am not sure how long this price offer will lasts. Web Hosting $3.95

Reasons to host your website at Bluehost:
– Bluehost is the #1 recommended web hosting by
– Powering over 2 millions websites worldwide.
– Automatically create daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your entire account.
– 24/7 support by trained in- house supports.
– Money back guarantee. You have basically nothing to lose.
– You can test their Cpanel before buying their plan.

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