Create A Website For Small Business

Website is no longer for the big player in the market. Small businesses must also take the initiative to create a website to maintain an online presence. This is highly essential to survive in a highly competitive environment. Whether your business is old or new on the market, you should create a website.

A website is just like your shop window on the Internet. It helps you to attract new customers. Consumers these days do their research online before they go to the physical store to make their purchase. They are a group of potential customers that you cannot miss out.

Domain name
It is best to buy a domain name that is the same as your business name. You might have to spend more money if it is not available for registration. A .com domain name is generally recommended for commercial business. It is more expensive than other less popular domain name extensions like .co but definitely worth the money.

Web Hosting
Most yearly web hosting plan comes with free one year of domain name. Web hosting is required to provide a space on the Internet for you to store your website files. Web Hosting $3.95

Hire a website designer or create your own website
Hiring a website designer to create your website might be costlier but they will make your website looks more professional. If you want to create your own website, I will recommend you to use WordPress web software. WordPress is user- friendly and has thousands of plugins to improve the functionality of your website easily. The website must be optimized for viewing on mobile phones.

Logo design
A classy or cute logo can be designed to represent your business.

Business slogan
A great slogan can leave a deep impression on the mind of consumers. For example, McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It,”, is catchy and easy to remember.

Headlines and succinct products and services introduction are required to cue the visitors to make purchases on your website. Place pictures of your main products to attract visitors who generally have short attention span. The menu navigation buttons to various pages of the website should be prominent to aid navigation. A search box is useful for visitors who want to search for an item using keywords.

Provide links to Facebook or other social networks to encourage following
By providing your products and services information on Facebook, you can encourage sharing of information among users and gain more customers.

Discounts and Deals
Keep your customers informed about the latest discounts and promotions of your products and services. Price can be an important buying factor that affects the buying decision of customers.

Membership program
Details and sign up procedure should be clearly written to attract more sign-ups for the membership program. You can retain your existing customers through exclusive membership program as they want to enjoy the members’ only benefits. It’s easier to retain old customers than to gain new customers.

Blog provides a great platform for you to share news of your business. For example, if you are holding a special sale event for members, you can publish pictures and related stories. The more contents you have on your website, the higher chance of attracting visitors through search engine. This is because visitors search for keywords that will land them on your website.

About Us Page
You can share the history of your business and what motivates you to start your business in the first place. Let website visitors know about the mission statement and values of your company so that they can better understand your company.

Contact information
Stores Address, phone numbers and e- mail address should be clearly listed on a page. A map is useful for helping customers to find your shops. You should provide instruction on how to go to your store if it is difficult to find.

Customer Reviews
Raving reviews from existing customers can provide a social proof to encourage and influence potential customers to make a purchase.

E- Commerce site
If you intend to sell your products and services over the Internet, you have to create an e- commerce site that sell goods and services over the Internet and accept online payment.

Shipping information
The shipping costs and terms should be clearly stated to encourage online sales.

Google Adwords or other Advertising Campaigns
If you have the advertising budget, you can advertise your website on search engines like Google or Bing. As a new website, you will find it difficult to attract visitors. Advertising using Google Adwords is a fast and cost effective way to attract website visitors.

If you want to improve the sales and profits of your small business, creating a website is a must. The cost of creating a website is small money worth spending in exchange for increase in revenue for your small business.