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Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Webhost For Your Website

There are many web hosting companies on the market. The following are some of the factors that you should consider before picking a web hosting company for your website. This helps to avoid the hassle of having to move your website from one web hosting company to another.

Are they in business for many years? You want a reliable webhost for the home of your website. It will be a nightmare if you find the website that you took time to build disappears from Internet.

Billing methods. Do they provide Paypal as a payment method? Paypal is a safer way of making online payments as you do not have to reveal your credit card number to the merchant.

Billing option. Do you want to be billed monthly or pay for the cost of one year web hosting upfront? Of course, the price will be cheaper if you sign up for a longer duration of plan upfront.

How many kinds of web hosting solution do they provide? Some provide all three basic types of web hosting solution, namely shared web hosting, virtual private server and dedicated server. However, there are quite a few web hosting companies that provide only shared hosting plan. You may want to start from shared hosting while you have limited budget but upgrade VPS in future without switching from one webhost to another. In that case, this is a factor you must consider as you want to avoid the hassle of moving your website from one webhost to another.

The kind of customer support they provide. I personally favor webhost that provide live chatting support as I can get immediate response to my problem instead of waiting for a e-mail reply that might take days.

The reputation of web host. You should read reviews of the web host before signing up. However, reviews on the Internet might not be true as they might be paid reviews or competitor’s misrepresentation. Furthermore, you are more likely to read about complaints than praises as unhappy customers are more likely to voice out their dissatisfaction.

Is free trial available? By testing out the service of web hosting, you can better decide which web hosting company to choose. Dreamhost provides two weeks free trial.

Dreamhost Web Hosting

Period of money back guarantee. There are 30 days, 97 days and even anytime money back guarantee available at some web hosting companies. With such claims, you can buy web hosting without any worries as you basically have nothing to lose.

Free website builder. With drag and drop website builder, a beginner without any html knowledge can also build a professional website in a short time frame. Most webhost provide WordPress web software installation in just a few simple clicks. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform.

Create A Website For Small Business

Website is no longer for the big player in the market. Small businesses must also take the initiative to create a website to maintain an online presence. This is highly essential to survive in a highly competitive environment. Whether your business is old or new on the market, you should create a website.

A website is just like your shop window on the Internet. It helps you to attract new customers. Consumers these days do their research online before they go to the physical store to make their purchase. They are a group of potential customers that you cannot miss out.

Domain name
It is best to buy a domain name that is the same as your business name. You might have to spend more money if it is not available for registration. A .com domain name is generally recommended for commercial business. It is more expensive than other less popular domain name extensions like .co but definitely worth the money.

Web Hosting
Most yearly web hosting plan comes with free one year of domain name. Web hosting is required to provide a space on the Internet for you to store your website files.

Bluehost.com Web Hosting $3.95

Hire a website designer or create your own website
Hiring a website designer to create your website might be costlier but they will make your website looks more professional. If you want to create your own website, I will recommend you to use WordPress web software. WordPress is user- friendly and has thousands of plugins to improve the functionality of your website easily. The website must be optimized for viewing on mobile phones.

Logo design
A classy or cute logo can be designed to represent your business.

Business slogan
A great slogan can leave a deep impression on the mind of consumers. For example, McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It,”, is catchy and easy to remember.

Headlines and succinct products and services introduction are required to cue the visitors to make purchases on your website. Place pictures of your main products to attract visitors who generally have short attention span. The menu navigation buttons to various pages of the website should be prominent to aid navigation. A search box is useful for visitors who want to search for an item using keywords.

Provide links to Facebook or other social networks to encourage following
By providing your products and services information on Facebook, you can encourage sharing of information among users and gain more customers.

Discounts and Deals
Keep your customers informed about the latest discounts and promotions of your products and services. Price can be an important buying factor that affects the buying decision of customers.

Membership program
Details and sign up procedure should be clearly written to attract more sign-ups for the membership program. You can retain your existing customers through exclusive membership program as they want to enjoy the members’ only benefits. It’s easier to retain old customers than to gain new customers.

Blog provides a great platform for you to share news of your business. For example, if you are holding a special sale event for members, you can publish pictures and related stories. The more contents you have on your website, the higher chance of attracting visitors through search engine. This is because visitors search for keywords that will land them on your website.

About Us Page
You can share the history of your business and what motivates you to start your business in the first place. Let website visitors know about the mission statement and values of your company so that they can better understand your company.

Contact information
Stores Address, phone numbers and e- mail address should be clearly listed on a page. A map is useful for helping customers to find your shops. You should provide instruction on how to go to your store if it is difficult to find.

Customer Reviews
Raving reviews from existing customers can provide a social proof to encourage and influence potential customers to make a purchase.

E- Commerce site
If you intend to sell your products and services over the Internet, you have to create an e- commerce site that sell goods and services over the Internet and accept online payment.

Shipping information
The shipping costs and terms should be clearly stated to encourage online sales.

Google Adwords or other Advertising Campaigns
If you have the advertising budget, you can advertise your website on search engines like Google or Bing. As a new website, you will find it difficult to attract visitors. Advertising using Google Adwords is a fast and cost effective way to attract website visitors.

If you want to improve the sales and profits of your small business, creating a website is a must. The cost of creating a website is small money worth spending in exchange for increase in revenue for your small business.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Which Is Recommended By WordPress

Bluehost’s cheapest shared hosting plan costs $3.95 $7.99 per month after discount. It allows you to host one website with 50 GB website space and unlimited bandwidth. This is suitable for one who only is new in the web publishing arena and intends to create only one website.

If you intend to host several websites at a time, I would recommend their most popular Plus plan that costs $5.95 $10.99 per month after discount. You can host unlimited number of domain names with unmetered website space and bandwidth. This ensures that your websites have the optimum resources to be live on the Internet. The good thing about this plan is that it includes $200 worth of marketing offers for you to advertise your website on Google, Bing, and other leading sites.

Their prime plan is now $5.95 $14.99 per month also but it comes with free domain privacy for your free domain name and Site Backup Pro. I am not sure how long this price offer will lasts.

Bluehost.com Web Hosting $3.95

Reasons to host your website at Bluehost:
– Bluehost is the #1 recommended web hosting by WordPress.org.
– Powering over 2 millions websites worldwide.
– Automatically create daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your entire account.
– 24/7 support by trained in- house supports.
– Money back guarantee. You have basically nothing to lose.
– You can test their Cpanel before buying their plan.

Please proceed to Bluehost’s website at Bluehost.com for more details.

How To Create A Website Or Blog Using WordPress

Currently, my website is hosted with Dreamhost.

Why I choose Dreamhost?
It comes with 97 days money back guarantee and there is no reason not to give their service a try. Their shared hosting plan comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting and unlimited e-mail account. You can host unlimited number of websites on one account. They are proudly hosting over 1,500,000 websites since 1997. To find out more about the features of their shared hosting plan and get $50 off their one year web hosting plan, please go to this discount coupon link https://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?2157867/promo/dreamsavings50

$50 off Dreamhost Web Hosting Plan

Why would you want to create a website?

If you are a business owner, a website provides a great platform for you to communicate with customers online, expands your market reach and promotes your business. A lot of shoppers like to research online before they shop or patronize offline. If you are running a restaurant, your website provides details of your operating hours and menu of food you serve in your restaurant.

Website is not only for business. A lot of people create websites for leisure and some even turn their website into a money- making machine. You can create a website to share a recipe, your fashion sense, your favorite restaurant, make- up techniques and more. What seems obvious to you might be difficult to other people. A website provides a great platform for you to share your knowledge.

A well- managed and monetized blog can earn you money 24 hours a day. This is a guide that teaches you how to create a website, manage a website and earn money using your website.

First, decide on the type of website you want to create so that you can determine your domain name. Your domain name should be easy to remember, tell about your website, keyword- rich and still available for register. What is your passion? What do you like? What are the things you can write about? These are the questions you should ask yourself when you are deciding the topic for your blog. You would want to create a website or blog that has lots of content in future.

How to create a website?

Flowchart To Create a WordPress Site or Blog

You do not have to know any coding or programming language in order to create a fully- function website. Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Register a domain name and sign up for web hosting plan. You need a name and home for your website on the Internet. Domain name provide a unique identity or name for your website so that Internet users can locate you on the Internet. An example of Internet Domain Name is Amazon.com. Domain name protection or Whois Guard sometimes comes free with domain name registration.

The Whois database is accessible to anyone on the internet. When you register a domain, you risk exposing your name, address, email and phone number to spammers, marketing firms and online fraudsters. WhoisGuard was designed for domain owners. With this service in place, your confidential information is no longer available for public consumption.

Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Shared hosting is where one’s website is placed on the same server as many other sites, ranging from a few sites to hundreds of websites. Typically, all domains may share a common pool of server resources, such as RAM and the CPU. The features available with this type of service can be quite basic and not flexible in terms of software and updates. However, they are cheap and sufficient for a new website or blog. You can always upgrade to VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server if you need more resources for your website in future.

Most one year web hosting plan provides free domain name registration for one year. I personally prefer to register for a .com domain name. However, there are many other extensions available and some of them may be cheaper. As mentioned above, Dreamhost is a smart choice for web hosting and domain name registration.

2. In this guide, you will learn how to create a self- hosted WordPress.org website. WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. WordPress is supporting more than 60 million websites on the Internet, including the one you are reading now. Dreamhost provides wordpress installation in just a click onto your website. You will receive email on your WordPress username, password set- up and link to your WordPress log-in page.

Dreamhost WordPress One Click Install

3. Log- into your WordPress account and start to build up the blog. You begin by navigating the various tabs on your WordPress dashboard. Its interface is very user- friendly. To begin, you will use the appearance tab to install wordpress theme and wordpress plugins. You will then add pages and posts to your website.


4. Install WordPress theme. There are many free wordpress theme for you to choose from. You should choose a theme that suits the niche of your blog. There are one, two or three columns themes available. The theme should be responsive so that your blog can be viewed properly on small mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. There are many free WordPress themes available for download but you can always purchase a premium WordPress theme such as those on Elegant themes if you need your blog to have better functions.

Wordpress Theme Installation

5. Install Plugins. Several plugins are pre- installed on the WordPress blog but you can install more to improve the functions of your blog. Plugins that I suggest are Google XML Sitemap, Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, Wordfence Security and Yoast SEO.

Wordpress plugins installation

6. Add pages to create the menu of your blog. They may be Home, Contact Page, FAQ, Blog, Gallery pages. This enables website visitors to navigate around your blog easily and stay longer on your blog to read.

Installation of wordpress theme, plugins and adding pages build up the pillars of your blog.

Manage Your Website/ Blog

Wordpress Add New Post

7. Start writing your own content to gain traffic to your blog. Add a new post. Think of an attention- grabbing title for your post title so that you can attract more readers. Add a picture/media for your post as a “Picture worth a thousand words”. You can save draft and preview your post before getting it live on the Internet. File your post under a suitable category and add keyword- rich tags for your post to keep your blog posts organized.

If you do not write well, you can always buy content from freelance writers. The costs of the articles depend on the credentials of the writers and length of the articles. I have purchased articles through Textbrokers and Fiverr . At Fiverr, you can buy an article at price of $5. You can update your blog daily or weekly depending on whether you have the time and inspiration to come up with the content.


8. Add your website URL to Google, Yahoo, Bing or other online directories. This improves the chances of website visitors landing on your blog through search engines. Create the social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Polyvore for your blog.

Earn Money Using Your Website/ Blog
9. Affiliate marketing lets you earn money without having your own products. There are thousands of online retailers affiliate program you can join to promote their products. If your website visitors buy a product through your unique affiliate link, you earn a commission. Web hosting companies such as Lunarpages pay as high as $300 per sale.

I hope you manage to create a WordPress website by following the steps above. However, if you don’t want to waste any time learning how to create a website, you can hire me to do it for you at Fiverr. It takes time and dedication to create a great blog but it is definitely worth the effort. Jumpstart your website today!

Too Easy To Create A Website Using Strikingly

If you think that creating a website is difficult, you are wrong. In fact, you don’t need any coding or design skills to create a website. You just need to know how to click or tap.

Although WordPress.org is considered easy for website creation, Strikingly is making websites creation easier than ever. It is being featured in the New York Times, Forbes, USA Today and more. With simple tools like Strikingly, even a small kid can create a stunning website unsurprisingly.

I find that many small businesses only have Instagram and Facebook page but not an official website. It’s time for all entrepreneurs to create their own website. Owning a website is a must- have in your marketing plan in this digital age. You are missing out a large market for not creating an online presence through website. You can turn your Facebook or Linkedin Page into a website in seconds if you use Strikingly.

I have tried out their free plan and it is indeed very simple to create a website or blog. You won’t need to worry about hosting. All Strikingly sites include their fully-managed, high performance cloud hosting. I am not using their paid plan now as my website is currently created using WordPress.org and hosted on Dreamhost.

Strikingly’s award-winning responsive designs look great on any device, automatically. They have a variety of gorgeous site templates to fit your every style and need. You can launch beautiful, mobile-friendly websites in the shortest time ever.

I highly encourage you to use Strikingly if you are creating website for the first time. You need to subscribe for at least a Limited plan in order to connect a custom domain name for your website. A free plan only allows you to use sub- domain of Strikingly. You get a free domain name worth if you pay for a yearly plan. You may start a free trial for 14 days to try out the features. A limited plan is enough for you if you are only publishing one to two websites. You can upgrade to Pro plan in future should you need more features.

It costs $96 per year (equates to $8 per month) if you pay for a yearly Limited plan (you saved $48 as you will be billed $12 per month if you pay monthly). You can find out more about their three plans by visiting here.

If you’re on a paid plan, you can cancel the service anytime to revert to the free plan, and the charge will stop by the end of this billing cycle (next month on a monthly agreement and next year on a yearly one). Yes, it is so flexible.

Strikingly Freelancer Program

The Strikingly Freelancer Program allows you to design and build beautiful sites for your clients for a fee by signing your client up for a Strikingly monthly/yearly plan, or setting up pricing to account for an on-going plan.

If you use the Strikingly Pro plan and remove the Strikingly branding on the websites, your clients will not see any Strikingly branding on their websites.

You may edit and publish unlimited websites on Strikingly for free. You may want to upgrade to our paid plans to benefit from their features, but there is no additional cost as an agency to use Strikingly.

You can visit the Discover page to browse through websites that are created stunningly using Strikingly. Whether you are a first time entrepreneurs or Nobel Laureates, Strikingly can empower you to pursue your dreams. Everyone can be a creator of website. In the age where almost everyone owns an email, Strikingly will help the transition into everyone owns a website age. Own a website today!

Strikingly - How to build a website in minutes